Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

Life Readings

The Life Readings utilize the wisdom inherent in numerology and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life. Working from a base grounded in these approachs, I explore the unique nature of who you are, your varied strengths and weaknesses, gifts and struggles, and other cycles or influences you may encounter in your life. The readings strive to deepen your understanding of yourself, and help to provide a clearer vision of your situation and the choices that have been placed before you. All of this supports the unique "You" that you are. In these Life Readings I transposes one's numerology chart onto the Tree of Life, giving a depth to the readings that can often be profoundly revealing. An example can be found below.

I perform my readings in a variety of settings:

Regardless of the setting I will include with your reading an audio recording of the session, mailed to you on CD. The "mp3" file of the audio recording can also be easily delivered to you using WeTransfer.

Life Readings last one and one-quarter hour. The fee for a Life Reading is $175.

Example Tree of Life

an explanation of this example