Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

Zoom Classes

I am offering classes to help you go deeper into the year you are in and the historic year the planet is in, in 2020. Each individual class will be specific to the Personal Year you are in this year, 2020.

Past Classes

Forgotten Language of Numbers:
A Journey Home to Yourself

This Fall I will offer a series of six, two hour, on-line zoom classes.

A little about numbers: each number zero through nine is a quality that creates and ever creates us and this world we live in. The particular combinations of these ten numbers are what makes each one of us different and unique human beings.

In each class we will:

The fee for these six introductory classes, including a private personal Life Reading with me is $390 (If you have already had a Life Reading class fee is $300).

Please do not hesitate to phone or email me with any questions.

Classes are on Saturday mornings through Zoom video conferencing, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Eastern Time.

I plan to offer alternate class days and times. Contact me if you cannot attent the dates and times listed above.

The Life Reading will be booked privately with me.

Contact Information: 401-338-1317, kathy@numerologypro.com