Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

What does Numerology have to say about this historic year for the planet and for you personally?

The Language of Numbers

is saying

is a Call to LIFE
on all levels

For Ourselves & Others

Our Planet

Our Oceans

Our Forests

Our Earth

Down to the Food we eat

The restrictions of isolation imposed by the coronavirus on our everyday life have given us the space, and opened new ground making conscious the urgency of multiple pandemics on this planet. This ground begs for our attention: the inhumanity of racism, the pollution of our sky, oceans, forest, and earth to name a few.

This call invites the question for us all:

What within us has been calling to be brought back to Life?

This question is worthy of our reflection!

We are being called to renew the life of this planet, its people and ourselves.

These times are clearly asking us to meet what’s here, in the state that it’s in,
in order for us to perceive the Wholeness that Life IS.

In Numerology our lives run in nine year cycles, understanding where we are in these cycles can help us understand what is going on for us in this historic year. Check out below the free audio reading about you and planet this year.

Audio Readings

Example on how to calculate your Personal Year for this year, 2021.

11 ⇒ 1+1 = 2 Month you were born
reduced to one digit
17 ⇒ 1+7 = 8 Day you were born
reduced to one digit
2021 ⇒ 2+0+2+1 = 5 The current year
reduced to one digit
2+8+5 = 15 ⇒ 1+5 = 6 Total = Your Personal Year for 2021
reduced to one digit

Calculate your personal year by entering your birth month and birth day as numbers.

Your personal year is   

Choose a reading below based on your personal year in 2020.

One Year

Two Year

Three Year

Four Year

Five Year

Six Year

Seven Year

Eight Year

Nine Year

Zoom Classes

I am offering classes to help you go deeper into the year you are in and the historic year the planet is in, in 2020. Each individual class will be specific to the Personal Year you are in this year, 2020.

  • One hour and Fifteen minute class on Zoom
  • Five participants per class
  • Fee $35 per class
  • To sign up, email me at:
  • kathy@numerologypro.com
  • Please include the Personal Year you are in this year, 2020. Not sure? Find it here.
  • Your personal year will determine which class you will be in, Dates and times to be determined.