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  • Kathy Bernstein has studied, taught, and written about numerology for forty years. She integrates her understanding of the Kabbalah, and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, into her numerology readings. In her Life Readings, she transposes one's numerology chart onto the Tree of Life, giving a depth to the readings that can often be profoundly revealing.

    Kathy is a graduate of A Society of Souls, a four year course of study in Nondual Healing and in-depth study of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life. She has completed eight years of advanced study at A Society of Souls. Kathy is presently in her fourth year of a four year training at A Society of Soul, known as "Teachers In The Marketplace." She is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four year study of energy healing.

    Kathy has a private numerology and healing practice in Rhode Island:

    • telephone 401-338-1317

    • email <kathy@numerologypro.com>

    • Here is an article, The Gift of Partaking, by Jason Shulman, that I want to share with everyone. Enjoy!
    • Some of Kathy's writings, and suggestions for further reading in numerology:

      Two excellent books on numerology:
      • Numerology: The Complete Guide (2 vols.), Matthew O. Goodwin
        Matthew Goodwin's two volume set is encyclopedic in its coverage, and has become the authoritative source for numerology.
      • Numerology, The Romance in Your Name, Juno Jordan
        All of Juno Jordan's books are classics. This one remains an enduring "must read."

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