The role of the healer is to attend to the creative process. The healer creates by attending to the healing space with an understanding of the Void, that which supports all of life. The healer's conscious awareness of providing this ground of being for the client allows what needs to be done or not done to become apparent. Holding a client in this space creates a sanctuary in which the shattering of old images and defenses can occur. The work of the healer's consciousness is to attend to the shattering within herself and within her client, all held in the arena of the Void. The healer remains conscious of the value of the Void. She sees all that is present as valuable, whether it is labeled "resistance," or "revelation." When the healer thus values everything, she allows the client's long held images and defenses to emerge.

The healer holds these images and defenses as valued, and mirrors what the client will learn to do for herself. The healer does this without making the kinds of judgments the client has attached to them, such as "I must get rid of these." These images and defenses were first put in place to create a sense of safety, but now they bring about much of the pain in the client's life. As the client's images and defenses emerge she begins to form a conscious relationship with them. A shattering begins as the client realizes all of what these old ways of being have meant to her. In this process the client may come to say, "These imperfections are my key to wholeness." This is a process of separation and relationship, and it is the beginning of defining the self, or "Who I am." The healer creates a space in which these images and defenses can shatter. The shattering is the gift of the healing. It is in this relationship with our images and defenses that we begin to find wholeness.

The intent of the re-creation is relationship. The shattering invites relationship. The healer's awareness of this flow between separation and relation attends to the creative process. It allows the longing for wholeness over safety to emerge, bringing about the unfolding of the third thing, the unfolding of Creation. My healer once said, "Everything a person has, does and is, is a solution to the question: How can I have greater Wholeness?" The healer is a conscious attendant to all that the client is on her journey towards wholeness.