Further work/research: The remaining numbers

I want to look at the remaining days of creation, 4, 5, 6 & 7. I also want to investigate how the numbers eight and nine fit into this emerging picture. Looking at the remaining days of creation will shed new light on the first three. The reader might have noticed that light is mentioned five times on the first day of creation and sky is mentioned five times on the second day of creation. (Perhaps the reader may not have noticed. We are so bombarded by numbers in this society that we don't even see them anymore.) I am sure if I continue my discovery of the days of creation, I will uncover a significance for light and sky being named five times each in the Torah account of the first two days of creation. My longing for as far back as I can remember has been to teach the forgotten language of numbers. It is most definitely a language that has much to offer.

A foundation to support clients within the creation process

What has emerged from this paper is a foundation for me to rest upon. Something in my bones let go. I have always lived my life as if I was in an airplane, not as the pilot but still believing I was responsible for keeping the plane in the air. This shift in myself can't help but be felt by my clients. This is the foundation upon which my healing practice will rest. During healing sessions I am much more aware of the flow of energy as it emerges moment to moment, and I now interfere much less with this flow. I am more aware of the changing terrain of the session. This allows me as a healer to support my clients in the creation process. I am clearer about "Who I Am." as it emerges moment to moment in the pulse of the creation process. According to the Kabbalah story, the light of God was only able to exist on the physical plane in a relational way. When we cut our self off from either light or dark, consciously or unconsciously, one side "wins" and nothing new happens; the third thing cannot enter. If you hold the paradox of the paired opposites the third thing can appear, perhaps as a newfound wholeness, or, as my retired friend discovered, as the Totality of God. My work as a healer and as a human being is to be conscious of this dynamic as I participate in the creation process. I see this as the foundation upon which my BBSH skills rest.

A connecting link between God and the created

The numbers zero, one, two and three make up the inherent structure of emerging creation. Their flow brings something new into manifestation; this happens within our bodies, within every cell, within every moment, everywhere. The images in the Kabbalah story of the "breaking of the vessels." are a means for understanding this structure. The Torah's account of creation is separated into days to give a numbered container for specific events. I doubt if the first day of creation was a twenty four hour day. I have woven myself through these images trying to get a glimpse of a deeper understanding of the sequencing of events. What I have seen is the rhythm of the Divine.

In order for the manifest world to come into existence, this rhythm continues the unfolding. The Triad has been called the Divine Triangle. I have taken a step back from my everyday view of life to investigate the structure of this Triangle's formation. What I then see, stepping back, is that the life structure within all manifest form is Divine. I also get this feeling that even though the world before me seems to have some major problems, perhaps it all might be perfect just as it is. An awareness of the processes of separation and joining, and flow and restriction, of the paradoxes that perpetuate creation widens our view of this universe helping us to embody the conclusion my friend Virginia had when she called the creation process the "Sweet mystery of Love."